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About Us

Ruben and Vicki, parents to eight incredible children, are driven by a profound love for people across the globe. United in their mission, they relocated to the Dominican Republic to make a lasting impact on the community. Their dedication is rooted in spreading the message of Christ and fostering hope among those they serve.

Through a diverse array of initiatives, they are making a difference every day. Their children's programs focus on nurturing young minds with love and care, while their church services bring spiritual healing and community support. The mission base serves as a hub for outreach, education, and empowerment. Additionally, Ruben and Vicki are deeply committed to aiding exploited individuals, providing them with support and opportunities for a better future.

Together, they are not just changing lives; they are transforming futures, one heart at a time. Join us in our journey of faith, love, and hope.

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The Main Idea

"Hope fuels our faith and empowers us to love even the seemingly unlovable."

Pastor Ruben Dominguez

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Vision Statement

We are impelled to see a world transformed by empowering local churches through the rebuilding of victimized lives with dignity and hope.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Hope Life Global is to provide long-term rehabilitation to victimized individuals through the equipping of the local church.

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